25 July 2013


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A couple of weeks ago, Hannah was formally introduced to La Cucaracha – Indiana Jones style:
     Hannah and her companion were walking home, in the dark, from an appointment on the other side of their area.  They came upon an illuminated sewer cover and watched in horror as cockroaches spewed from its depths.  As she saw them swarming up over the sidewalk, she realized that what she had been stepping on earlier weren’t potato chips after all.  Ewww!  Oh, and did I mention that because her shoes were killing her, she had decided to walk home barefoot.  Double ewww.  I helpfully sent her the lyrics (in Spanish) to La Cucaracha, which I found on the internet.   I was confident that someone in Texas could help her with the tune and pronunciation. Evidently, there is more than one version of this song.  Yikes! (Sorry, Hannah.)

Speaking of close encounters of the animal kind:  
     Hannah and her companion were served dinner by a member the same week.  The woman had an angry dog (who growled at the missionaries during the entire meal), and LOTS of cats.  When Hannah asked to use the sister’s restroom, she was directed to the back of the trailer where a toilet sat against the wall.  At least 25 cats were also in the area, willing to provide an attentive audience should anything occur. 

In addition to investigators, Hannah and her companion have been meeting regularly with members who are less active or inactive.  Hannah says it has been an eye opening experience to see the power fellowshipping has to change lives.  Visiting with and talking to people is what disciples of Christ do.  We follow Him by loving and serving our brothers and sisters.  Thus, Hannah wrote this memo in her mission journal:  “Hannah, when you get back home from this mission, you don’t ever get off your mission.”

Last week was transfer week.  It was also the week that Hannah’s cousin, Kellie, arrived in Houston as a new missionary.  We were wondering if the two Sister Bonners would end up together.  Not this time.  Instead, we learned from the photos posted on the Mission’s Blog (houstontexasmission.blogspot/), that after just six weeks as a missionary, Hannah is now a trainer with her own newbie, Sister Harrison.  Although Hannah is feeling understandably overwhelmed by this responsibility, we are confident that she will do well and know that God will continue to guide and direct His work.

Although I don’t feel comfortable mentioning them by name in this blog, Hannah has several people that she is working with as a missionary that have many hardships and trials.  Prayers on their behalf for strength, patience, and increased faith would be appreciated.  She also has several investigators that are at the crossroads of faith right now.  They must choose whether they will believe and act on this belief, or continue to act as they have and hold on to the patterns of thought and behavior with which they are familiar.  Likewise, prayers for them at this time would also be helpful.  And of course, I hope you will continue to pray for Hannah and her companion at this time.  She feels those prayers.  They strengthen and sustain her.  Thank you.