18 March 2014


First, a shout-out to Derrick, who was baptized on Saturday, March 15. 2014!  Hannah loves him and his family so much.  I think he’s awesome too – he reads this blog.

I recently met a nice man who frequents Mountain Men Rendezvous.  He explained to me that people who travel in this circle give themselves “mountain men” names.  He also explained that many mountain men are also given a mountain man name by the other mountain men, which is only used behind their backs.  He told me a couple of examples and the origin of the names – neither of which I will relate in this post.  I did, however, suggest to Hannah that she give mountain men names to the people she interacts with.  She informed me that Derrick had already one-upped this by giving Book of Mormon names to people.  Hannah is “Samuel the Lamanite.”  Although I don’t know how he decided on this name for Hannah, I do have a couple of theories: 
  • She is so tall that it is as if she were standing on a wall (mountain man name would be “Tall as Wall”)
  • She won’t take “no” for an answer (mountain man name would be “Tall Tower That Cannot Be Moved”)
  • She brought him the gospel message (mountain man name would be “Woman With A Message”)
But personally, I think it was because Hannah testifies of Christ with boldness – and doesn’t let the arrows of the adversary stop her (mountain man name would be “Bold Speaker”).

I thought the least I could do would be to give Derrick a mountain man name.  But then I remembered, he has already taken a new name by being baptized – the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  There is no name better than that.

 As I think about Samuel on the wall with arrows flying around him, I’m reminded that missionaries encounter many potentially hazardous materials in the course of their service.  I’ve mentioned a few of these in previous posts:

            Spider Webs (and attached spiders)
            Fallen Trees
            Crazy Drivers    
            Big, Angry, Mean, Barking Dogs

A few more reasons that hazmat suits should be standard missionary issue:

            African Cats
            2nd Hand Smoke
            2nd Hand Alcohol*
            Ear-burning Cursing & Profanity*
            Big, Angry, Mean Strangers*

*Experienced simultaneously

I’m so grateful for the protection that Hannah has been blessed with.  I’m also so grateful for the encounters she has had with great people who are kind (and sometimes even feed her).  She met a professional motocross rider the other day and had a wonderful conversation with him.  She also took the opportunity to share the Word of Wisdom with a man who was following them on his bicycle.  Although the word of God can be an effective means of self-defense, in this case, the man received the principle taught him very enthusiastically.  He did tell Hannah, however, that according to the Bible, Rebekah of the Old Testament smoked.  When Hannah expressed her doubt, he told her to read Genesis 24:64. 

[Okay, it was really Hannah’s father, who definitely does not snore, (mountain man name "Sounds Like Thunder”) who pointed this out to me during Sunday School].  

Hannah is working hard (with all her heart, might, mind, and strength).  She has been strengthened.  She has been comforted.  She has felt pure joy.   She loves the people of Montgomery.  She has been blessed with many witnesses of her Heavenly Father’s love for her and for the people she teaches.  She is doing well. 

Proud Mother Who Misses Daughter (my mountain man name)