20 June 2013



Hannah has been in Texas for just over two weeks now.  Her and her companion, Sister Allred, have the distinction of being the first (but definitely not last) female companionship to NOT receive a mission car.  In the first few days, Hannah discovered that it is possible to get a blister on a blister.   Also, it appears that no one remembered to include sidewalks in the city's construction plans!  Since she is not dead on the side of the road, she knows that Heavenly Father has protected her.  She also recognizes that because of their increased visibility, they have several investigators that they probably would not have had they been cruising around in an air-conditioned sedan.  An Elder kindly gifted his old bicycle to Hannah.  Although this necessitates some wardrobe modifications, she appreciates having an additional mode of transportation.

Hannah gave away her first Book of Mormon on the flight from Dallas to Houston.  This story illustrates how important it is to "just open your mouth."  It also confirms the existence of a cosmic sense of humor.  Here's the account in her own words:

"I started out casual.  I asked if he [the stranger seated next to her] was from Houston.  He responded that he was from Korea, coming to Houston for a few days of business.  I asked his name.  He said I wouldn't be able to pronounce it and to just call him "Denny."  But then Denny made the mistake of asking me why I was going to Houston.  I uttered the first of many, "Have you ever heard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?”  We talked the entire 40 minutes.  But then, just as I was reciting the First Vision and quoting, “One spake unto me, calling me by name, and said. . .,” the pilot cut in with, “We are beginning our descent.”  Moment ruined.  Although I’m pretty sure Denny thought I was a delusional lunatic, he did accept a Book of Mormon, and said he'd think about finding missionaries in Korea."

Way to go, Hannah!

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